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What fabulous video clips and testimonials. The compilations provide an accurate and upbeat reflection of what you are achieving with these seminars! As a former director, I was impressed with both the shooting and editing. They also add to the value of your website.
— Deborah Shames and David Booth - Founders of Eloqui
Fabulous editing job to capture the event!!!
— Jane E. Best - CEO of Best Financial Svcs
I think the video looks FABULOUS… you really do get what we are trying to do and have selected perfect content. So glad you are on our team and get it.
— Mark Lefko - CEO of Conscious Leadership Connection
Great! Awsome video =)
Thank you Jonathan i appreciate the work you’ve done.
— Johnny Baek - Producer at F.A.C.E.
This last video is fantastic! All of us had a very emotional response to it. Love how you incorporated all the interview footage and class time with the kids!
— Cindy Chanin - Founder of Rainbow Tutoring
The video is amazing i love it... thats the look i’m going for...
— Arthur St. John - Fashion & Celebrity Photographer at Arthur St. John Photography