Jonathan Makrinos

Jerky Bear Productions is a full service production company centrally located in New York City and serving the tri-state area and Southern California. We work closely with our clients to create films and photographs that will inspire, provoke and entertain their audiences.

Jerky Bear Productions was founded in 2007 by cinematographer and photographer, Jonathan Makrinos. Jonathan is from Pittsburgh, PA and is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor of Arts in film and minor in photography. His journey as a DP and photographer began when he and his cousin's  picked up a camera and shot their first short film, inspired by Lord of the Rings. The plot featured his older brother stealing the “Lost Pizza of Isengard.”  Since then he has filmed weddings, corporate events, fashion shows, short films and more.

Jonathan runs his company like a family. The connections exist at a personal level. Individuals have a say in their work, and collaboration is an integral part of the process.

Loyalty to the audience is a constant goal. The drive to create authentic, quality work makes Jerky Bear Productions a place to nurture creativity and produce inspiring media for you and your business.